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, is traveling with him and is in london for us tonight. andrea, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, lester. as secretary kerry embarks on this first foreign trip, the u.s. is scrambling tonight to persuade syrian opposition leaders not the boy cat a planned meeting with the u.s. and ten other nations in rome scheduled for this week. john kerry was seemingly relaxed as he flew to london today on the plane, behind-the-scenes, the u.s. ambassador was rushing to cairo to rescue a planned meeting on syria that opposition leaders now threatening to cancel. a senior official traveling with the secretary said the opposition leaders are under severe pressure from fighters on the ground to get more support from the international community. but those suffering on the ground where the rebels have made some gains but the assad regime used scuds this week near aleppo are questioning the value of having their leaders attend fancy international conferences. as kerry arrived in london tonight, state department off officials were telling the syrian opposition this would be their best chance to make a direct
's with us from our london bureau tonight. andrea, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. secretary kerry's maiden voyage almost went off course because of a problem no one has been able to solve. syria. from breakfast, at number 10 with the prime minister. >> quite a long tour. >> well, it's the beginning. thank you. thank you for being the first leg of it. >> a traditional breakfast. to set you on your way. >> reporter: to dinner in berlin. the new secretary of state's first day on the road was dominated by a war thousands of miles away. sunday, syrian rebels shot down a government helicopter. but the assad regime still outguns the rebels. raining scuds on to civilians in aleppo on friday. with russia arming assad, rebel leaders threatened to boycott a team meeting with kerry later this week to protest the u.s. and europe's refusal to arm them. >> at this stage, isn't it time to revisit that policy? >> with a new secretary of state at a beginning moment of the second term of president obama, when he himself has expressed concerns about it, this moment is ripe for us to be consider
sold here in london are a tempting target for thieves. they're small, so easy to carry away. in 2009, two men robbed glass diamonds of $65 million worth. security cameras showed them simply walking in, disguised in professional makeup. in 1978, the legendary lufthansa heist at jfk airport. >> several million dollars in cash and jewelry taken from a cargo hangar by a band of armed men wearing masks. >> reporter: made famous in the movie "goodfellas." >> and these are the guys that jimmy put together for what turned out to be the biggest heist in american history. >> reporter: just last year at a london mall was hit by jewel thieves on motorcycles. police in belgium will now be looking for clues in their own security camera video. but experts warn the diamonds may have already vanished into the black market. keir simmons, nbc news, london. >>> we're back in a moment with a software glitch in outer space and what the president's weekend golf partner said about his game. there's this island -- and it's got super-cute kangaroos. barrow island has got rare kangaroos. ♪ chevron has been d
games in london. oscar pistorius, the blade runner, who inspired so many people, charged with murder tonight after the death of his girlfriend. nbc's rehema ellis is here with us in the studio with the latest on this. rehema, good evening. >> good evening, brian. you cannot overstate how significant oscar pistorius is to people who will face obstacles and struggle to overcome them. he's a national hero in south africa. and that's why today's news is so devastating to so many. >> and there's the start, in a landbreaking moment. >> oscar pistorius marked a stunning achievement at the 2012 london olympics. >> oscar pistorius sets on his way in the first round of the 400 meters. >> today, the world was stunned again when the superstar athlete was arrested and charged with murder after his girlfriend was found shot at his upscale south african home. >> at this stage, we can confirm that a young woman did die on the scene of gunshot wounds. >> police say there are no other suspects. neighbors in the quiet gated community reported hearing noise coming from the home earlier in the evening. >
report from nbc's keir simmons in london. >> today you can see that i'm alive. i can speak. i can see you. i can see everyone. and i'm getting better day by day. >> reporter: malala yousafzai's first words on camera were to thank others. >> because all the people, men, women, children, all of them have prayed for me. and because of these prayers, god has given me this new life. >> reporter: she almost died. shot in the head last october by islamic extremists, because she fought for the right of young women to have an education. on saturday, she walked to the operating room. for five more hours of surgery. doctors implanted a titanium plate and a sophisticated hearing aid, repairing where the bullet smashed her skull and left her deaf in one ear. 24 hours later, malala was talking again. >> i can also walk a little bit. i can talk. and i'm feeling better. and it doesn't seem that i had a very big operation. >> reporter: other patients might have complained. malala stayed focused. >> the thing is that my mission is the same, to help people. and i would do that. >> reporter: the medical team
,500 athletes. >> in london it was crazy. i mean crowded. >> reporter: transportation is also crucial, so it might help the local cause that the b.a.r.t. extension to north san jose is scheduled to be completed by 2018. the visitors bureau says it's ready to showcase the city. >> it's an honor to receive the inquiry and san francisco is an international city. they consider us when they think of international events. it's an honor to receive the letter. >> reporter: the bay area lost out on bidding for last year's game hosted by london. now the tug of war begins again in the u.s. which last hosted the olympic games in salt lake city in 2002. >> if the olympics come here, i would love to be able to sit and watch judo from my backyard. that's what i'm hoping for. >> reporter: i spoke with ann
in london and is excited to hear the bay area could be in the picture for 2024. >> i think the bay area does have the capability. it's a long ways off, so this is a lot of time to prepare. i know one of the biggest things that come into play with the olympics is finding space for all the people. >> 35 cities received the same letter from the u.s. olympic committee. because of our various facilities, hotels and stadiums, the bay area is considered a viable host. however, you may remember the bay area did lose its bid to host the 2012 games which were awarded to london. >>> two local universities scored big in the fundraising department. stanford became the first college to raise more than a billion dollars in a single year. it pays to have wealthy alumni. stanford significantly outpaced harvard, which brought in $650 million in donations. as for public universities, uc berkeley was the leading fundraiser, bringing in $405 million. we're back in a moment with some big warriors news tonight in oakland. stay with us. >>> hi, everybody. scott reiss in the comcast sportsnet newsroom. funny thing a
.p. there have been previous incidents at his home. the athlete made history at the london games last year when he became t first double amputee runner to compete on the track at the olympics. >>> if you're booking a flight any time soon, your choice of air carriers just got a wee bit smaller. american airlines and us airways formally announced the merger this morning. the $11 billion deal will create the world's biggest airline to keep the american airlines name and run by us airways ceo doug parker. that deal caps a turbulent half decade of bankruptcies and consolidation for the u.s. airline industry. >>> pope benedict has two weeks left as head of the church. the pontiff celebrated his final mass at the vatican. benedict was given a long-standing ovation as he prepares to step down on february 28th. after almost eight years as leader of more than 1.2 billion catholics worldwide. >>> it is valentine's day and we always think of our meteorologist, bill karins. we always want good weather. >> i thought you meant with love. >> of course we love you, bill. >> good morning, everyone. as we start t
behind one of the most inspirational stories of the london summer olympics is now charged with murder. oscar pistorius faces his first court hearing tomorrow after his girlfriend was found shot to death inside his home this morning. we get the latest now from nbc's rohih catru. >> reporter: the details of precisely what took place in the early hours of this morning are still emerging. but what's known is horrifying and has stunned millions of south africans. oscar pistorius was arrested early this morning here at his luxury home. we're told that there was a shooting incident. by south african law, the authorities are allowed to say very little about what they believe happened. >> we can confirm that there was a shooting incident this morning at the home of the well-known paralympic athlete oscar pistorius. at this stage, we can confirm that a young woman did die on the scene of gunshot wounds. >> reporter: it's being widely reported that the 26-year-old man being referred to is indeed oscar pistorius, that he was arrested, taken to a police station and questioned and that he will late
recall, he won two gold medals and a silver medal at the olympics in london. >>> coming very close to shore now, those passengers are finally getting cell service and we are seeing more images from inside the crippled vessel. we have a live report as the ship is coming home. >> plus, set lord of the rings and is finding they are cred precious in the world of science and astronomy. meet the man who is literally finding new moons. a story that will make the bay area proud. >> and politically charged flash mob. inside after bay area prison. we talked to the man who started it all. >> and good afternoon. i'm jeff live at at&t park where the giants stepped up to the plate to give a little love tonight, to an organization that spreads all year long. we will talk more about this grand event and why it is on the field of at&t park. plus, your forecast in just a few minutes. >>> everybody's getting into it. life behind bars did not stop. dozens of san francisco jail inmates are sending a musical message about domestic violence. male and female inmates took part in a choreographed number pf
-amputee who ran into history in the london summer games. police in south africa have charged the track star with the premeditated murder of his girlfriend inside his home. tonight, evidence said to have been recovered at the scene, along with reports of phone
us from london. what can we expect today? >> reporter: hi. the judge who is overseeing this bail hearing said he'll make an announcement very soon, probably within 30 to 45 minutes if s osr put pistons, the sprinter known to the world as the blade runner will be free on bail or will he stay in jail until that trial which could take months. both sides, the prosecution and defense have rested their case after four days that have seen a real momentum shift in pistorius' favor especially after yesterday's bombshell when we learned that the lead investigator laying out the case actually against pistorius is himself facing seven charges of attempted murder. the defense had already at that point forced the investigator to back down on many points even admitting pistorius' story is plausible. in a state of panic he could have shot his girlfriend, killed his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp by mistake thinking her to be a dangerous intruder. the prosecution says that pistorius killed reeva steenkamp in cold blood, he has a history of violent behavior and freeing him on bail would give him a ch
'll follow throughout the day. >> secretary of state john kerry is in london. secretary kerry is meeting with his british counter part before traveling on to berlin. the national governor's meeting make their way to washington. president obama told governors we have more work to do. he's asking governors from both parties to work on the budget steal mate. happy birthday to rashida jones. >>> all day stay on top of breaking news on msnbc. also the best political analysis. tonight be sure to watch brian williams with "nbc nightly news." and finally, a look at what's coming up later this morning on the "today" show. from red carpet hits and misses to surprise wins and snubs. "today" is live from los angeles with all the highlights from last night's academy awards. >>> and olympic skiing star lindsay vonn opens up about her recovery, racing, and russia. a lot happening on the "today" show. >>> now keep it on this channel for continuing local news, weather, sports, and much more. richard lui. thank you very much for watching "early today," just your first stop of the day on your nbc station.
at the shard, london's highest building. ben fogle joins us there. >> reporter: it's just been joined by this a newer, taller, glassier version, new tower of london, the shard. it's ever changing canvas. you blink and a new building appears. a lot of people look at this and go it's not finished. >> it does tend to look a little unfinished. none the worse for that, it's marvelously visible from all over london. >> reporter: it looks pretty striking from this distance. should we have a look at it from the closer up? >> can't wait. >> reporter: let's go. shall we go up? >> sounds like a good idea. let's go. >> reporter: we're heading to the viewing platform 800 feet above london. >> thank you very much. that's fantastic. >> reporter: what i find amazing, i have lived in london all my life. i've never seen it from this perspective. we've got a 365 view. >> i know. >> famous gerkin i recognize. >> remarkable view of the tower of london, isn't it? >> reporter: in the distance i can see the olympic sites. we have this brand new building, state-of-the art and we've got some of the oldist buil
. where is this? >> everywhere. doesn't matter. >> uh-huh. london, berlin, rome, and my personal favorite, moscow. >> we're glad everyone's joining this celebration. you know, this has not been easy. not just for us, but those who work with us. >> really? i thought we were delightful personally through the whole thing. >> they haven't been happy. >> who cares? let's listen. >> i think kathie lee and hoda handled the pressure of not drinking on air for a month remarkably. i think they just upped their off-air drinking by probably 30%. >> i don't know how it went on air, but can i tell you the make-up room was hell, complete and utter hell. i've never seen crankier, moodier women in my entire life. >> what helped them was the fact that they actually continued to drink, behind the set and during commercials. so i think the fact that they didn't stay sober during their month of sobriety really eased the tension around here. >> so really what's changed? so they get on the cover. now -- okay. so now they are complete, perfect human beings. and now that their month is up, they can go back to pil
♪ ♪ open up your plans and then london. here to check in on some of her most talked about makeovers. her topics for spring trend. the animal look is in. plus, he tips for a couple of lucky guests. we have so much to talk about. we're doing it all in style with special get vyette nicole brown. >> once you see that on tv, you will never do that again. [ applause ] jeff: hello, hello! roll it! all right. a little about me. i'm recently married. i work with my wife on this show. and i'm learning how to be a dad to two amazing kids in a blended family. i'm hosting a talk show 'cause there's a lot to talk about. this is the adventure. welcome to the show! have a seat. thank you for the nice welcome. on the show today, tlc's hit show "what not to wear" stacy london is here. [ applause ] i am not -- i don't like fashion shows. when we started this show, i told amy, i don't want to do those runway things where people go, the latest trend. but something about tracy's show, i feel better when i watch it because i always feel -- i would never wear that. so now i'm doing a fashion show. i don't know
a body pulled out of the water at jack london square. firefighters pulled the person out yesterday afternoon, but at this hour it still remains a mystery who this person is and how they got there. witnesses say it was spotted near the shore around 2:00 yesterday afternoon. if you know anything about this incident, you're asked to call police. >>> the alameda county sheriff's department today telling it side of the story following a scene landing mc hammer in jail. he was arrested in dublin on charges of resisting and harassing an officer. the victim claims he was a victim of racial profiling and the words from the officer was are you on parole or probation? the car hammer was parked in was not registered to him and the registration had expired. a lieutenant telling us, quote, hammer became very argumentative when questioned about the vehicle. he refused to exit the vehicle when the officer asked him to and continued to argue. end of quote. over twitter hammer dubbed this incident, a teachable moment. so i guess we should find out some time soon if hammer's too legit to acquit. >> t
planned to leave for paris the night of the shooting, and he would be in london by the week's end. his twitter account has since been deleted. >>> a follow-up this morning. a bay area couple missing for a month in peru has reportedly been spotted. the u.s. embassy in peru says garrett hand and jamie neal were recently seen in a remote village heading for ecuador. the couple is on a cycling trip that began in november, but friends and relatives lost contact with them back in january. >>> u.s. coast guard right now investigating a distress call that sent them searching for a family stuck out in the ocean as nothing more than a hoax. the coast guard also looking into whether that family even existed at all. a distress call was made around 4:00 sunday afternoon. the man on the radio said he and his family were abandoning their boat off the monterey coast. harbor masters in that area, they say there are no reports of missing boaters. hundreds of dress crew crews including the california air national guard scoured that area of about 20,000 miles wide looking for the family. >>> the west sacr
, to inspect her portrait at a london gallery, she has kept outof sight preferring to stay at home frustrating royal watchers and a nation eager of information. the announcement of her pregnancy was tainted by the tragedy that followed with the death of a nurse that was caught up in a hoax phone call made by two australian radio d.j.s. royal sources say she is recovering well from the extreme morning sickness she suffed early in her pragegnancy. >> she is back to normal in many respects. her morning sickness seems to have passed. she wants to show the world she is not ill, just pregnant. she wants to carry on promoting her charity engagements. >> in the meantime, refurbishment of the royal couple's new home is nearly complete. william spent his early years here. his new baby will too. one thing seems clear, kate will not adopt the figure-hugging attire loved by some celebrities during pregnancy. she will go for the baggy, floaty look, perhaps more dignified for a future queen. >>> you want to talk super bowl. we haven't done that. >> is today the super bowl? >> it is in a matter of hours. foot
at the sleeves, very beautiful and from london times. >> big round of applause for joanne. joanne, you join them over there. >> all right. jackie lathum is 20 years old. she's our second lady from yardley, pennsylvania. she is not into fashion at all and is always in sweat pants. classic college attire. her mom doesn't even know that she is in new york today. >> oh, trouble. >> oh, dear. supporting a cause. we think she will find out soon enough if she is watching our show. let's listen to her story. >> well, matt, i know your friend jackie really deserves this. >> yeah, absolutely. so we're here for the penn state dance marathon which is a fundraising awareness campaign for pediatric cancer, and basically she's an entertainment -- she works so hard at her job, and she's great at it, so we really want her to have this. >> such supportive friends. what do you think of all this? >> i can't believe it. i'm used to wearing a hoody and jeans and converses every day. to have a makeover would be really nice. >> you are going to be glam. >> i can't wait. >> oh, hope her mom forgives her. she's here for
, you might recall, at the london olympics as the first double a.m. amputee to compete. >> i don't know what might be. he's my inspiration. i'm really disappointed. >> prosecutors in south africa say they plan to charge pistorius with premeditated murder, the most serious criminal charge in the kcountry. known as the blade runner for his prosthetic legs, he was hailed as a hero in south africa. >>> it seems the waiting never stops for the passengers of that carnival "triumph" cruise. getting off the ship wasn't the end of the nightmare for many. one of the buses carrying the passengers home broke down. it was going from alabama to new orleans. they were stuck for an hour before another bus came to pick them up. an engine fire killed power and left the ship stranded in the gulf for four days. it finally got towed into land last night. >> driving on the highway, the bus starts slowing down and the bus pulls over and breaks down. >> how long were you there? >> about an to transport all the luggage to the new bus. >> so many delays on land and at sea. now carnival says it will refund everyo
believe that is it. >> he has been nailing it, daniel day-lewis. he's won the golden globes, london oscars last week, s.a.g., everything. the great fact, he'll be the first actor to win three best actor oscars if he wins. >> do you think he's going to get it? >> all odds on him. >> back to kathie. >> this lady is from no-ho, north hollywood. the first academy awards ceremony took place on may 16, 1929. how much did guest tickets cost then? zero, free to attend, $35, $20 or $40? >> i think it was free. >> no, even then it wasn't. >> the correct answer, $5 for those tickets. >> $5. it was just a few miles from here at the hollywood roosevelt hotel. 250 guests, and the movie that won best picture was a silent movie. the only silent movie ever to win. >> you're kidding? all right, ladies and gentlemen, let's hear it for janice min. [ cheers and applause ] >>> l.a. is all about movie stars and sara is going to hit the streets to discover some of the best ones right after this. aspirin, really? i haven't thought about aspirin for years. aspirin wouldn't really help my headache, i don't think. as
trip since being appointed to his new position. earlier today he was in london. his 11-day trip will also include paris, rome, cairo, and abu dhabi. on the agenda, the syrian conflict. israeli/palestinian tensions and iran's nuclear program. >> and iran with a nuclear weapon in that region and given all that has happened is simply unacceptable. and we have stated that they will not obtain a nuclear weapon. president obama has been crystal clear about this. >> reporter: meantime iran is getting ready for another round of talks, the nuclear negotiator arrived today to meet with what's being called the p-5 plus one, the u.s., britain, russia, france, and germany. the meeting is scheduled to begin tomorrow. iran insists its nuclear program is for peaceful energy purposes only. any chance of negotiating in syria shot down after a nearly two-year civil war, the syrian regime said it's ready for talks with rebels but opposition members scoffed at the day's offer. they also said they will not participate in the meeting next month in rome with its western and arab allies upset they have
for his country in the olympics even after help bring the games to london. he may be 37, in a sport where your prime is considered a decade younger. in paris, david beckham announced the news with trademark humility. his storied soccer career has caught another wind for up and coming team paris san germane. >> i got offered a lot of offers, more offers than than i've had in my career. >> reporter: he ended his contract with the champion l.a. galaxy and moved with his wife and four children. >> i want to play for as long as possible. >> reporter: a career full of endorsements. even modeling. sports analysts say he'll be paid some half a million dollars a game. he's donating it all to a children's charity. he really can still bend it. >> he can dip it. he can curve it around players. or he can pass the ball 40, 50, 60 yards, to within an inch of where he meant to do it. >> reporter: that kind of magic on the field combined with a dose of celebrity has been an inspiration to young players around the world. the movie "bend it like beckham" came out 11 years ago. they still idolize him. >> jus
. but nothing occur ivey when it comes to the catwalk. the mainstream london fashion week were predictably thin. >> the fact that there isn't any variation that is a problem and a bad message to be sending to girls. >> jada is a plus size model, dress size 14. she started a fringe london fashion week where all of the models are plus model. in the front row, a woman from oregon on a mission. >> plus size women are told they can't feel beautiful. thee events say they can. >> reporter: what are you trying to do? >> we are trying to say plus size curvy women can look great on the catwalk, and we hope this will impact the plus size community. >> reporter: no question, attitudes are changing. >> it's very important. it is really that plus size people themselves are making the change, and it's very empowering to women in general. >> reporter: singer adele described a little too fat by carl laggerfeld, she hit back and said i represent the majority of women and many am proud of that. for regular plus size women and that's more than half the female population in the u.s., clothes shopping can be a chall
of the morning about everything. >> the new book takes place in present day london and will represent a totally new phase in bridget's life, leaving bridget's fans wondering if she will resume her old affair with the kad daniel cleaver. live happily ever after with the reindeer jumper wearing darcy. >> i like you very much just as you are. >> or perhaps bridget will just end up -- ♪ all by myself >> coming up next, the oscar-nominated director of "silver linings playbook" opens up to jenna bush hager about his very personal connection to this movie, after this. at a dry cleaner, we replaced people with a machine. what? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it? hello? hello?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally. hello? ally bank. your money needs an ally. minute maid pure squeezed. it tastes just like a fresh, ripe orange, and oranges are really mad. i'm ty burell and i'm an idiot... who changed the cue cards? well played, orange. minute maid pure squeezed. never from concentrate. ♪ every little thing gonna go my way ♪ [ female announcer ] we've
to resign at the end of the month. we go london for the very latest. >> reporter: good morning. details starting to come out now. as you say extraordinary news just breaking in the last hour. but pope benedict told a meeting of cardinals this morning he would resign and he's doing it
graduate. pistorious made history at the london games last year when he became the first double amputee to compete in the olympics. south africans are stunned by the news. >> i hope it's really not as bad as i think it is because oscar has done so much for the country. >> i think it's real sad. i don't think we should judge the guy. we don't know what's happened. i'll be praying for him and his family. >> early reports said pistorious accidentally shot his girlfriend thinking she was an intruder. police quickly dismossed those reports. he will make his first court appearance tomorrow morning. janelle wang. >> thank you. that nightmare vacation is almost over. the disabled carnival cruise ship has now entered the bay near mobile alabama after being stuck in the gulf mexico since sunday. just when everyone thought things couldn't get worse, the delay was delayed even more due to a snapped tow line. more than 4,000 people are on board. the ship has no power is, toilets or working air-conditioners. >> passengers is posted pleas for help which they painted on bed sheets and posted on the shi
got of oscar pistorius was on this broadcast in the run-up to the summer olympic games in london. we aired what became the defining profile of him reported by mary carrillo of nbc sports who traveled to south africa and got to know this unusual olympic athlete. well, fast forward to this past week. his name and image are everywhere. his beautiful girlfriend is dead and now his future turns on whether his version of his story is believed. tonight for us, mary cavio has traveled back to south africa to find out more about the woman whose death is at the center of this story. >> oscar pistorius says that 29-year-old girlfriend reeva steenkamp was the love of his life. she was also about to be a reality show star in this country. a cast member of tropic island. she was killed just days before the season premiere. these are exclusive outtakes from the show not seen in the united states until now. >> my name is reeva, and i'm a model. i have a law degree, as well, but right now i'm enjoying traveling and being behind the camera. it's what i'm passionate about. >> she grew up around horses
this morning, john kerry is in london this morning as he kicks off his first official overseas trip as secretary of state. nbc's foreign chief correspondent andrea mitchell is traveling with him. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. secretary clinton could not resolve syria and secretary kerry is facing his debut on the world stage, trying to deal with the same problem. he met today with the prime minister at downing street, david cameron, as the allies are trying to scramble, trying to salvage a key meeting with syrian opposition leaders scheduled later this week in rome. syrian rebels do not want to go to the meeting because they are frustrated that the u.s. and europe have refused to provide arms and other aid and create a no-fly zone. secretary clinton had proposed that along with defense secretary leon panetta last year, at least proposed arming and training some rebel groups but the president rejected that plan last year. tomorrow, of course, the biggest problem, the biggest obstacle that the new secretary of state, john kerry, will face to getting rid of the assa
-- do you have lloyds of london insuring gary busey? >> he's great and dennis rodman. >> he's safe in north korea right now. >> he likes the north koreans more than us. a little bit different. but dennis is fantastic. >> was it tough to pick? you had a lot of people who have been canned. >> we did. but it was easy this time, actually, because it's an all-star version so we picked the best people. >> oh, you did. >> so it just worked out fantastically well. and the show, we've shot really a lot of the show, we've had i guess -- we're going to have three or four episodes at the end, at least a couple that will be live. this way nobody -- this way nobody can tell you who won. they can't come out and say, oh -- >> it gets out. >> you know who is on again is amarosa. the big demon of the early seasons. >> i'm in love with amarosa. you know that. amarosa is great. she is evil. she is sinister. one of the -- >> reminds you of someone. >> who? >> who does she remind you of? >> i don't think anybody. but she has got some edge that's just unique. i think tv guide, one said the most evil pers
amputee to compete in an olympic event. >> reporter: last summer in london a dream come true against the odds. >> what is it like to have some people say oscar pistorius has an advantage on the track? >> it was quite difficult for me. it was something that i think i took a little bit too personally at first. >> reporter: the first amputee runner to compete in an olympic games against able-bodied competition. he's been questioned by police after a shooting in his pretoria home. >> a woman did die on the scene of gunshot wounds. a 26-year-old man has been arrested and has been charged with murder. the only two people on the premises were the residents and the deceased. >> reporter: law enforcement and paramedics arrived on the scene to find a female shot at least twice thought to be pistorius' girlfriend, thought to be his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. a nine millimeter pistol has been reportedly found at the scene, pistorius has talked about keeping guns in his home for safety. he's told journalists. >> he's very well. obviously emotional, but he's fine, guys. >> reporter: early report
to duncan this morning in london. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. this was up close and big. russia's academy of is russia's sciences said it was ten tons and traveled at3,000 miles an hour. no wonder people were panicking. so streaking across the early morning fire, a burst of light and an explosion of sound. these unverified pictures show the close shave with a meteorite. locals heard and felt the shock wave of it passing. on the ground, people stunned and unsure of what they had seen were left staring at the thick trail. this man said it lasted three, maybe four seconds. more than 400 are reported injured, many hurt by broken glass. windows popped out and a large part of this factory roof collapsed. this level of damage is rare, but meteorites are common. they're often smaller an burn up as they enter the earth's atmosphere. an asteroid the size of a swimming pool will make the closest recorded pass of earth. closer than some satellites. >> we understand it's going extreme he well and we can say there's no chance of it hitting the earth. >> reporter: this pa
told about these concerns a full year ago. in london with more, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this story is really about a very simple question. do you know what you're putting on your plate? or even your children's plate? this morning we're learning some schools have withdrawn schools from their menu as europe's horse meat scandal widens. horse meat has been turning up in beef products across europe. beef burgers, even children's sweets are being tested for horse dna. >> from what we've seen so far, the more people have looked, the more has been found. i would be very surprised if we didn't find more instances of gross contamination. >> reporter: the scandal has people wondering what they are eating, many turning to traditional butchers. they now live in the uk and say people here are shocked. >> they buy a beef dinner, turns out that it's horse. >> reporter: one fear, with horses now in the human food chain injected. >> it's entirely different animal, literally, and you have no idea what it came from and what it will do to your health is scary for anyone to think about. >>
was not threatening the public but did lunge at an officer. he appears in a london court today. >>> researchers in england say they have found the skeleton of king richard iii. dna results show that the battle scarred bones found under a parking lot are beyond doubt those of the king killed in battle some 500 years agop. richard iii was immortalized by william shakespeare as a brutal tyrant who delivered the famous lines "now is the winter of our discontent and my kingdom for a horse." the king will be reburied at a nearby cathedral early next year. >>> it is 7:15 right now. you are up-to-date. let's turn it over to savannah, willie and roker, the soon-to-be raven. you will be donning a ravens costume. >> something like that. >> what we could conjure up. >> we'll try to get the mascot costume in. we have a few minutes. >> good luck with that. >>> we are talking about, though, a lot of snow throughout the great lakes. a clipper system, one of two pushing through, snow from milwaukee into before low, upstate new york. this system will move pretty quickly, dump about three to six inches of snow ov
. >> reporter: good morning, carl. well, kate moss, giselle and clearly many of the models here at london fashion week as well, beware. it's now official. you'll be out of work, at least in israel, if you're too thin. every photo shoot is a personal victory for israeli model margo stelman. her sister, also a model, died from anorexia, the eating disorder. but stelman, 21, is working at the highest level and not starving herself. >> i thought it a very sad, sad thing to it. and now we're bringing the healthy models back. >> reporter: in fact, super thin models are now illegal here. israeli law bans them from working if their body mass index or bmi, combination of height and weight, is less than 18.5. that is, less than 118 pounds if you're 5'7". it also prohibits advertisers from publishing digitally manipulated images without a clear, written warning that the pictures you are seeing are photo shopped. >> they look at the tv and want to be skinny without any reason just because they saw beautiful and skinny girls. that, we can change. >> reporter: an iconic fashion photographer until one o
terrific. >> we hired an incredible special effects company out of london. we wanted to be able to bring all of these wonderful moments. daniel and the lions, jesus walking on water, moses crossing the red sea to life with the latest and greatest cgi. >> do you discover that most people who think the bible are boring are the ones that have actually never read it? you can say a lot of things about the bible, but it is not boring. it has so much drama. you want sex, lies, and there wasn't videotape, but if there had been, right? it's extraordinary human drama. >> great story in its own. you think about it. shakespeare wouldn't have existed really without the bible. 1,200 quotes in there, including lord of the rings, narnia. none of these movies would exist without the bible. >> there's so much biblical illiteracy and references in regular literature, and this will help. what do you want people to take away from the whole thing, real quickly? >> it's a love story. we all topt reconnect with the bible. we found on this journey a lot of biblical illiteracy. it's sort of embarrassing, actually
and london. >> miami used to be a town for retirees and party people that came to south beach. it's become more than that, one of the most vibrant cities, not only in the united states, but in the world. >> a new art center und congress, world-class hotels and restaurants. it's all here, as well as something that the others don't have year round, sunshine. >> when our friends across the country were digging themselves out of the snow last week, we had weather like this. why wouldn't you want to do business in miami? >> and all this development happened relatively fast. this was miami less than three decades ago. and this is miami today. that shoreline now part of a bustling cityscape. and the rest of the world wants a piece of the action. 40 million people pass through miami international airport in 2012, a new record. those with money to spend are here to stay. >> this home behind me is on the market for $19 million. and we expect to sell it quickly. >> the high end of miami's property market is surging. >> everyone that is in the international set wants to have a home in miami. >> today
airlines flight from london to los angeles has been forced to emergency land in ireland with 182 people on board. pilots on the boeing 777 reported smoke in the cockpit this morning. the plane is being inspected to see if it can resume its flight. this as boeing is facing scrutiny over ongoing troubles withes its 787 dreamliner. >>> officials are investigating after a hacker was able to expose photographs and conversations found in the bush family's e-mail accounts. nbc's justice correspondent pete williams has the latest now from washington, d.c. good morning, pete. >> natalie, a spokesman for former president george h.w. bush confirms an investigation has been under way into what appears to be a hacker's intrusion into the e-mail accounts of at least half a dozen people. among the material intercepted, messages from and to both former presidents obtained apparently getting access to the accounts of three bush family members and two friends of the former presidents. the hacker claims to have obtained a list of family addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses, including some of thos
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